Deep Breaths

You. Take a second and take a deep breath. Just stop for one minute and think of something that you are grateful for. Close your eyes and escape even if its only for a 30 seconds. Walk away and count to 30. Go outside and just be. Run away and never look back (Maybe don’t do that, or go ahead I’m not the boss of you). Take a moment to remind yourself of a victory however small. Remember how far you have come, even when it might feel like you have taken 100 steps back. You’re still here, and THAT is to be celebrated. You bring something to the world that no one else does, I’m serious you matter. So take a second when your in the thick of it and know that you are valued, important and seen.

Life is really slow for me right now. Not in a bad way, my schedule is just very open so it leaves me a lot of time to think (and watch entire seasons of netflix shows in one sitting….). I am trying to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, which has me thinking about all those in my life who have walked with me through hard times. People who have called out the gold in me. Those who reminded me of who I was when I forgot. The ones who not only told me but showed me and made me feel that I was loved. The ones who reminded me to breathe. I wish I could be that person for you, I wish I could take you out to coffee and get to know you. I wish I could celebrate your victories and walk with you in the struggles. So I wrote this today to remind you that its ok to take a break, deep breathe and refocus. Know that I’m rooting for you. But most importantly know that you are loved with a perfect kinda love that we don’t fully understand or deserve but is freely given. That love has brought me out of pits, carried me, comforted me, surprised me, taught me, stretched me and it continues to pursue me. And you too. So take a second and remind yourself you are loved and are worthy of love.


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