Look Mom I Quit Something Else!


What a year this has been! My extended hiatus was because I was busy laying on a tropical island soaking up some sun. Haha wait that was a daydream. I was quiet for a while because I recently made some pretty big decisions. Also I was planning a conference. Which incidentally was my LAST conference. So my big decision was to quit my job at the church. (I feel it is important for me to say that I still love Jesus, I am not bitter or hurt. This was a healthy transition. I love my church, I still attend regularly and I still serve in the youth ministry, I just don’t work at the church.)

So a BIG change over here. I have worked and loved working at the church for 4 years. Four years. Some of my greatest and hardest years. I have seen people come to Jesus, walk away, stay committed, question, healed, restored and redeemed and just about everything in between. It has been my greatest honor to work in a church that values young people. My job was to plan fun, who gets to do that?!  It was hard to leave. It still doest feel real and I’m about a month out. As hard as it was to leave and as scary as it was to say goodbye to my main source of income, I was met with excitement that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I am now my own boss, I make my schedule, I own a small business. I sell Premier designs jewelry and I never thought I would say that. I never planned on being in direct sales but here I am and I love it. I get to be creative, work from home, and hang out with women. It is hard work. Building a business is hard stuff. You can scoff, I did.

This is just a fad

I’ll never make enough to live

I’ll probably fail

I’m not smart enough for this

Those and about a billion other reasons not to step out and try this almost kept me out. Almost. But one little sentence kept popping up “But why not?”. The truth is why not? I’m young, even if this is a mistake it’s ok, I’ve got time to get it right. Why not try this out. So I did and I love it. I’m learning so much about myself and things that I love and didn’t know I loved. I’m learning the areas I lack in and making a plan to improve.I’m having fun. I’m laughing and loving more than I ever have and I’m more creative than I’ve ever been.

This is new to me. Scary sometimes, but I’m just trying to figure out what I love, where I want to invest my time and how it all ties together. So this is where I’m at. Maybe (probably not) this means I will blog more.

Hey also I’m leaving the country for a week, I’m going to Honduras on a missions trip so I’ll update you when I get back ok mom?


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