In the Valley

What a Christian saying. “I’m just in a valley right now”. “I’m goin through my valley right now but keeping my eyes on the mountain top ya know?” We’ve heard some variation of it. I’ve said it. But what does that really mean.

This is a christian definition straight from my mind, my tiny, average educated mind. 

Valley: a low point, hard time, extended period of hardships/trials 

Valleys are a part of life. You will go through them. You may get lost in one. You may give up in the midst of one. You may feel like you will never get out of said valley. You will hate the valley. The valley will change you. It will break you down. It will push you to your limit. It will grow and stretch you in ways you never thought you could. Your valley will look different than anyone else’s. It may not make sense, because they rarely do. It may come out of nowhere because it usually does. It will be hard. 

If I’m being honest I think valleys get a bad rap. Yes they are hard and I would absolutely take a life without them if it was an option. But it’s not. They are treated and referred to as something you just have to get through. Eventually you will come out of it and you will have grown and learned in spite of this trial. But I am who I am BECAUSE of my valleys not in spite of them. They were not seasons I had to keep my head down and just push through. They were times where God was doing  something deep in my soul and I was meant to experience every part of this “valley”. I wasn’t meant to pray myself out of it, I was meant to pray myself through it. God has done his deepest work in me in the midst of hardship. When I have opened myself up to Him completely He is faithful to comfort me in the midst of my valley. I have been changed because of them. I have learned the most about the character of God during my lowest points. 

Your valley isn’t a curse. It is not your destination either. It is a journey and there is an end to it. And when you come out of it,because you will, you will need to answer for your time spent there. Did you pull close to Jesus? Did you lean in and trust Him? Did you let him shape and mold you into who he needs you to be? I want to encourage you because I have been there, and I will be again. There is an end. It is hard. But God has never left you. Even when you can’t feel Him, He is still there. He is the same God as he has always been, the only thing that has changed is your situation not your God. So draw near to Him. Embrace your valley. Learn from it, let it refine you. You will be you because of your valleys.

It’s only temporary. 


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