Thoughts From The Little Brown Book: But What Happens When…

What happens when you close your eyes and your head swims with thoughts of inadequacy, failure, and shame?

What happens when you feel stuck and trapped?

When you are confused, when you don’t know your next step?

When all you want to do is sell all your possessions and run away?

When you are restless in every sense of the word?

When you look around and realize you have only 1 friend?

When lonely doesn’t adequately describe the depth of your solitude?

When you feel numb?

What happens when loving Jesus gets hard?

When you feel like nothing in your life has happened like you wanted (not even one thing)?

When you are tired of trying…fighting to desire a relationship with God? (hello transparency)

The truth is life is HARD. There are times where it isn’t as hard as others and those times should be cherished and lived to the fullest. But so should the hard times. You should feel everything as it happens to you. Because it is a gift, the good and the bad. The simple fact that you are on this earth is a gift. Because you have a purpose, you have a story and you matter. I have been in low places, I have wanted to quit, I have wanted to run, I’ve even want to die. I’ve also been on the mountaintops, where everything is going well and life is good. But I have learned the most about myself in the low places. As much as I would prefer life to be strictly lived in the euphoria of the good times I am so thankful for the lows.

You don’t need faith when life is going great and everything is daises and donuts. Faith comes or leaves you in the pit. Faith is a choice. Even when you don’t understand why things are happening the way they are, just hold on. Take a deep breath because there is an end. You will be ok, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Your life matters. You bring something to this world that no one else does. Give God a chance to show you what that is and grow you in that area.

When you are frustrated, confused, hurt, mad, lost or broken you make a choice. Your big choice will be a million little choices. You choose hope. It will be harder some days than others but so so worth it. Because the world needs you in your highs and in your lows. You are valued. You are cherished. You are important. You are loved.

I’m rooting for you.



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