You Should Laugh More

We all should actually. Laughing is good. You know when you laugh so hard you can’t breathe? Finally after what feels like minutes later you come up for air with the most unattractive croak (and in that moment you think “surely I will be single forever”). You know that kind of laugh. The one that you can think of days later and still laugh about it. Yeah that’s good stuff. Laughing is good for you. I’m not a doctor but you should take my word for it. Besides you are reading this on the internet which means its true. Everything on the internet is true right?

I dont trust someone if I have never heard their real laugh. Until I hear that embarrassing chuckle, high pitched cackle, or deep belly laugh I don’t trust you. You could be a robot spy sent by the government to gain my trust but secretly looking for the perfect time to implant me with a microchip. haha just kidding…..that would be weird if I thought that wouldn’t it??? haha………….

But seriously I laugh all the time. Sometimes it’s a nervous laugh but most of the time I laugh because everything is funny to me. Serious and non serious situations, I laugh. Sometimes it’s embarrassing so I would caution you to use more social grace than I exercise. But life is FULL of laughable moments. I choose to laugh as often as possible because I like to scare people. Kidding. Because it feels good. Because I need to remind myself that life doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

So you should be exactly like me (individuality is for the weak)  and laugh more often. Did you hear me? LAUGH! If you are humor handicapped, laugh intolerant, or giggle biased I will be holding a seminar where I teach the basics of laugh therapy. This will be divided into three sessions :

Session 1- Loosen up you tightwad

Session 2- Removing the stick from your butt

Session 3-  Laugh until it hurts (we will hurt you if you don’t laugh)

If you or a friend are interested in this seminar you are out of luck because it doesn’t exist. Basically this post has not point other than reminding you to laugh. Watch things that make you laugh, be around people that make you laugh, do things that make you laugh. Be able to laugh at yourself. Laughing it’s good for you! So do it. Right now. Laugh.



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